Heta Scan-Line Green 100 2-5.7kw

Scan-Line Green 100 heats your home up fast and smooth. The fully automatic pellet stove looks like a traditional wood-burning stove with glass door and a beautiful view to the flames – but you escape the struggle with the firewood. Because, Scan-Line Green 100 uses pellets as fuel. All you have to do is fill the pellet tank approximately every second day in order to get cosiness and heat. The pellet stove fires up electronically, and you can see flames after just one minute. Scan-Line Green 100 is equipped with a thermometer and you can adjust it as precisely as a radiator. If the temperature in the room gets too high, the stove shuts down automatically until more heat is required again. This way, you get an optimum and comfortable indoor environment.

By use of a subsequent purchase of the HETA WiFi module it is now possible to control your pellet stove with our HETA app from your Smartphone. You can, for example, fire up in your country cottage before you arrive so it is warm and cosy already before you enter the house. HETA Remote can be downloaded to iOS and Android.


Width: 479.5mm
Height: 914mm
Depth: 607mm