Dik Guerts/Dru Odin Plateau 6-10kw

One single sturdily constructed air slider with three settings for the entire operation of your stove. This is typically Dik Geurts. The primary ventilation is for igniting the fire, the secondary ventilation is for burning waste gases and the ventilated glass creates a window that always stay clean.

Besides heat reflecting inner cladding made of vermiculite, the Odin offers, as do all Dik Geurts stoves, the option of external air connection. This means that no air is drawn from the living room, resulting in clean burning and efficient performance that is compatible with well insulated homes.

  • Unique design with circular glass window.
  • Wall mounted, suspended or standing on a plateau.
  • Very easy to operate with a single air slider.
  • Interior in coated vermiculite, exterior in dark anthracite.
  • Extremely efficient and approved in accordance with the most stringent emission requirements.


  • Efficiency: 75%
  • Output: 6-10kw