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Please Note that we no longer offer Chimney Cleaning Services

Your chimney is an important and often forgotten part of your fireplace. In Ireland approximately half of all domestic fires attended by the fire service are chimney fires with some 6,000 a year taking place at the cost of some 50 lives and millions of euros in damage to chimney flues and homes. Have your chimney swept on a regular basis dramatically reduces the chance of fires and other risks to your health and property.


Why is Chimney Cleaning Important?

Every time you light a fire soot and a tarry substance called creosote are deposited on the inside of your chimney. Over time this builds up on the inside of the flue reducing the draw of the fire making it far less effective at removing smoke and dangerous gases from your fireplace. This can only be safely removed with a combination of specialised vacuum cleaners and the traditional Chimney Sweeps brushes.

Maintaining a clean chimney:-

  • Protects Your Health The gases from solid fuel and gas fires can be very damaging or even fatal to your health. Long before you have smoke visibly ‘blowing back’ from the fireplace into your home invisible gases can build up leading to health problems and damage to decor.
  • Dramatically Reduce the chance of chimney fires Having your chimney swept regularly¬† makes sure it is free of soot and other debris (birds nests etc). Even a small chimney fire can cause serious structural damage to your home and in the worst cases can result in the loss of your home and even your life.
  • Avoids Soot and Smoke Damage A soot fall from a dirty chimney can damage carpets and furnishings beyond repair. At best it’s inconvenient and very difficult to clean properly.Smoke blowing back into your home results in smoke residue on walls, ceiling, furniture¬† etc making a room look dirty and leaving an unpleasant smell.

How Often Should My Chimney Be Cleaned?

The National Safety Council recommends that chimneys be cleaned at least once a year or more depending on use.

As a general rule of thumb if you use your fireplace occasionally then once a year is enough. For regular fireplace users the chimney should be swept more regularly especially if burning wood or bituminous coal and we recommend one a quarter during regular use. For most of our customers this would be in the Summer/Autumn before fires are being lit regularly and again mid way through the winter.

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